Java and Bluetooth Communication

It will not be wrong to state that we are living in the day and age of communications. A simple flick of a button is all that you need to do in order to share information with multiple numbers of people. One can find the latest employee to employee or employee to management communication technologies can be found in IT Companies Worcester. Given the fact that they are the ones that develop these technologies, this does not come as a great surprise.

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Given the fact that effective communication helps organizations, IT or otherwise to get their work done on time and within time, this is an area of focus among top managements. Smartphones and tablets, which are literally omnipresent these days are sometimes used by the HR department to connect to employees with respect to work related information. Even training programs are sometimes conducted among a connected network of employee's smartphones nowadays. With the smartphone fast forming a strong bond with our lives, a lot of the focus of software development teams is now focused towards coming out with convergence of technologies using the smartphone device.

Large format televisions

Large format corporate television sets have become a familiar sight in IT companies Worcester. The content on them is updated centrally. Apart from work related news sometimes third-party news with respect to work or some emergency news is often aired on them.

Touch screen kiosks

Touch screen kiosks are another common sight these days, particularly in plush IT offices. Employees are usually seen using them during their leisure time getting information on various work-related issues. Typically, they provide controlled access to emails.

Bluetooth network

Another latest technology that is used in offices to connect various devices for quick and effective communication is through Bluetooth transmitters. These transmitters allow for the staff member's Bluetooth enabled devices to communicate among each other. Such a system allows for faster communication, at a relatively lesser cost, as compared to a few other communication systems.

Instant Messaging (IM)

Instant messaging (IM), which was earlier used widely for recreation has now become a tool for communication in the corporate world. Employee to management or employee to employee messaging using IM has become commonplace nowadays. They are generally used when one-on-one communication is required.


Software development teams are doing a lot of research on utilization of latest software such as Java in order to come out with applications that can be run on multiple computers. The advent of such software has meant that individual team members working out of different geographical locations are now growing by the day. Dedicated company chat rooms have become commonplace thanks to the efforts in software development. The advances in chat room software have meant that these days both individual chat, as well as group messaging is now a possibility.


Hi-tech chat bots are also widely used these days for sharing of information within companies. Users can for instance get information ranging from the latest stock status to weather or even music video listings, thanks to these chat robots.